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Abnormal Pap Smear Specialist

Let's Get The Facts.

Let's Get The Facts.

Abnormal Pap smear results don't always mean you have cancer, but they can mean an increased risk. At North Houston Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons in Shenandoah, Texas, Nefertiti duPont, MD, MPH, a board-certified gynecologic oncologist, offers comprehensive diagnostic follow-up testing after an abnormal Pap smear to confirm or rule out cancer.

Dr. duPont also offers services to remove precancerous or cancerous cells to protect your cervical health. Call North Houston Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons, or book a consultation online today.

What does an abnormal Pap smear mean?

A Pap smear is a diagnostic screening procedure to identify changes in the cells of your cervix that can increase your risk for cervical cancer. This test can highlight abnormal cervical cells in the earliest stages, so you can receive the treatment you need to prevent the cancer’s spread.

A normal Pap smear means there’s no evidence that your cervical cells are precancerous or cancerous. If you have an abnormal Pap smear, it means you have some changes in your cervical cells, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cancer.

You can get abnormal test results because of:

  • Inflammation
  • Vaginal infection
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection

A Pap smear alone can’t confirm cervical cancer, and you need additional testing after abnormal Pap results.

What tests do I need after an abnormal Pap smear?

To confirm the underlying cause of your abnormal Pap results, Dr. duPont can perform another Pap smear and additional diagnostic testing, such as an HPV test to rule out infection.

To get a closer look at your cervical cells, Dr. duPont offers in-office colposcopy services at North Houston Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons. A colposcopy is a procedure that allows her to look at your cervix with a magnifying microscope. She applies a special solution to clear away mucus and identify suspicious cells.

During a colposcopy, Dr. duPont can also perform a biopsy and remove a sample of cervical tissue for further testing.

How are abnormal cervical cells treated?

To treat abnormal cells on your cervix and reduce your risk for cervical cancer, Dr. duPont offers loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) to treat abnormal cervical cells. LEEP uses a small wire loop that heats up and works like a surgical knife to remove abnormal cervical tissue.

If you have a biopsy that confirms cancer, your treatment depends on how advanced it is, your medical history, and your general health. Dr. duPont can discuss your options for treating cervical cancer based on your biopsy results.

If you need further testing after abnormal Pap smear results, call North Houston Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons, or book an appointment online today.


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